Our prices are competitive in the grooming industry and are determined by a variety of factors, including the condition and length of your pet’s coat, his/her size and behaviour, and the time taken to complete the service requested. Below is a guide to our pricing schedule. However, these prices are merely minimum indicators, as the final price is only determined after our groomers have inspected your pet and carried out the required service.

Therefore, please consider that the final price may increase/vary depending on the aforementioned factors.

SERVICES Petite Small Medium Large
Bath & Groom from $ 40.00 from $ 50.00 from $ 60.00 from $ 80.00
Clip from $ 80.00 from $ 90.00 from $ 100.00 from $ 120.00
Scissor cut from $ 100.00 from $ 120.00 from $ 130.00 from $150.00

Flea rinse from $ 15.00
Nail clipping from $ 10.00
Teeth cleaning from $ 10.00


At the front of our salon is a retail area where we stock various accessories for your pet such as designer collars, toys, dog food, carry bags, perfumes and more.

We also stock exclusive Australian-made clothing and furniture that can be custom made for your pet.
Feel free to come in an browse through our stock as we are constantly added new merchandise and products.


We accept payment via cash, debit card and credit card (Visa, MasterCard & American Express).
Gift vouchers available!


Please note that our regular grooming charges do not include de-matting. De-matting incurs an additional charge for the extra time that this procedure takes that is in addition to our regular grooming fees.

We do not recommend de-matting of elderly, infirm or aggressive dogs.

We groom humanely. Thus, dogs that are severely matted will be shaved off.