At The Dandy Dog, we treat every pet like our own – we use warm water, clean towels and high quality products. We pride ourselves on constantly expanding and improving our services but never compromising on quality, in order to better serve our customers. This means aligning ourselves to our customers in terms of speed, availability and service.
All our staff are qualified to perform grooming and styling procedures on all breeds of dogs, whether young or old, difficult or docile. While we try as much as possible to cater to all of our customers’ requests, we reserve the right to decline when we believe they pose undue risk to our staff and/or other animals, or will cause stress or discomfort to your precious pet.


This includes the washing of your pet in warm water with the choice of various shampoos and conditioners and the checking of anal glands. Dryers, clean towels and brushes are used in the drying process and nails and ears are checked and
cleaned or cut if necessary. As a final touch, your pet is given a complimentary bandana and scented with a special perfume that leaves a clean and fresh smell.

This includes a bath/groom, together with the cutting of your pet’s coat with clippers to a maximum of 1.6 cm to a style determined by the customer. Scissors are used to cut sensitive areas like the face and paws. A tidy up involves the use of scissors to cut small amounts of coat in order to maintain an existing style or to create a tidy look to your pet.

This includes a bath/groom, together with the cutting of your pet’s coat with scissors to a length of over 1.6 cm to a style determined by the customer. This service is popular in winter, but requires the coat to be in good condition as knots/mats can make the final cut uneven and difficult.

A flea rinse is an extra to the above services and ensures a flea-free pet. In some cases, we will require a pet to undergo a flea rinse to ensure that our salon remains flea-free. Where a flea issue is known in advance, we appreciate being told in advance.

This additional service includes the brushing of your dog’s teeth with special toothpaste and brush. Regular dental maintenance keeps your dog’s teeth stay in good condition by reducing tartar build up.

Includes bath / grooming blow dry full body clip with advanced styling and scissoring to you specifications or traditional bread standards touch of perfume and decoration.

Your dog’s nails can be painted in a variety of colours – each to suit a different occasion and client! We also offer customers the choice of dying their dog’s coat in an assortment of different colours.